Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Highway

Today I will tell you a story. It’s not a long one, but it’s a little scary. So before reading further, be prepared. Shut the doors, the windows. Tighten the tap of your bathrooms so that the dropping sound of water doesn’t scare you. If someone is with you it is better, and if you are alone then I can’t take the guarantee. Keep a torch or a candle with matchbox nearby, so that you can lighten it at the moments you need so. In such situations the electricity goes for a tour. Full you stomach and cut down your nails, so that you can’t bite them while reading the story. Keep a bottle of water with yourself and if needed empty yourself in the bathroom. I am telling all this because these activities will need very less effort before reading the story. Once you complete the story, you would be in a complete scare. So if you are ready with all this, let’s proceed.

This is a story of a highway between two villages in Haryana. Let it be day or night, no driver of a vehicle crossed it alone. And if he was alone, he had to drive the vehicle at max speed of 90 or 100. No one could stop on that part of the highway. 20 to 30 trucks crossed it simultaneously, without stopping in between.

One night with a full moon, an army Colonel was about to cross that Highway. He already knew not to stop on the highway but he did not know the reason. Therefore before starting he instructed his driver to drive the car more than the speed of 90 and not to stop the car in any damn circumstances. It was the month of October, therefore the night was somewhat cool but the road was clear, with a dense forest on the either side of the road. There was a cool breeze and pin drop silence on the highway surroundings. There was no vision of any vehicle from either side of the highway. The road was in a bad condition since it was rarely taken by any vehicle. Since this road was a short cut of about 120 kilometers, therefore sometimes, rarely people used it in some urgency.

After giving instruction to his driver, Colonel occupied the car and the driver raced it to ninety. After some half an hour of driving, they saw a women clad in a white sari, with hairs open by the side of the road. From far she was waving her hands to stop the car. Colonel instructed his driver to increase the speed of the car as more as possible. The speedometer turned to hundred and the women was screaming to stop the car and it seemed that she was in trouble. As soon as the car reached the women, she jumped and grabbed the window of the car and started running with it. For about ten kilometers, at the speed of hundred, she ran holding the window of the car, screaming to stop the car. But as the driver was instructed, he did not stop the car. When the women understood, that they were not going to stop the car, she stopped and retraced back. The Colonel and the driver reached to their destination safely.

Now you think, is it possible for a human being to run holding a car with a speed of hundred for ten kilometers? If it seems possible to you, then you should not worry on a lonely highway.

But if it seems impossible to you, then you should know to drive the car at the speed of hundred.

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