Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Call Girl (Extracts)

The night was not enough dark to hide my sleazy face. But the sluggish clouds some how helped me to hide my face in the half moon lit night. There were three straight roads which met at the junction. I was walking on the footpath of the fourth one, which met all the roads at the junction, but was slightly a curved one. The cold breeze with a sight speed touched my sari and went away. It was almost 5th time that it did like this. The traffic lights at the junction of the road just blinked in orange color. It was a signal to tell the riders of night neither to stop and nor to speed up.
After walking a distance, I had reached to the same old tree. It was the same tree under which I passed much time waiting for my customers. This was not only the place where I waited. There were many other places too, but this place was somewhat lonely and far from the reach of crowd. On that day, I was thinking about the old tree that was going to miss me for ever. I was so selfish. It helped me a lot when I was alone. It gave me shades and was like a true friend to me. But now I was going to leave my work, my customers and the life of shame.
Seeing at the tree I said, “Oh my dear tree. You were a nice companion to me. You were true and faithful friend to me. I will never forget you. Please forgive me.”
My eyes were full of tears and nose was watery. I took out my hanky to absorb the tears in it. Just then I heard a voice, “Excuse me”........................................

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