Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let's Fool Around (Extracts)

Since it was evening, therefore the atmosphere cooled down. Thus the faces of the people looked some what relaxed. But the whole public was tensed because of the late train. Coolies in red were also waiting to lift the luggage’s so as to earn something. But alas, the train was no where.
Suddenly Rahul’s eyes went over a girl clad in white salwar kameez. She was seated on a brief case and was looking at her watch frequently. Although there was a big clock of the platform facing her, but then also she was giving pain to her wrist by turning it again and again. After all she was a girl.
“Look yaar, look”, Rahul whispered to every one.
“What to look at”, questioned Karan to Rahul.
“Katto”, answered Rahul.
“Where”, every one raised there voice together.
“There you idiots. There at the big clock”, Rahul whispered again.
“I think she is also going by Gomti”, guessed Ali.
“Definitely yaar definitely”, confirmed Rahul.
“Yaar she is so beautiful. Yaar Mastan go and make friendship with her. Then you can enjoy your journey also”, Karan said.
“And she is alone also. She would at least need any one to look after her. Yaar after all she is a girl”, added Ali.
“Hmm...Today after so many days you have given me a right suggestion”, Mastan praised every one.
“But let me wait and see for some more time if she is alone or not”, Mastan added.
“If till fifteen minutes no one comes, that means she is alone” Rahul explained Mastan.
All of them started looking at the big clock. Some time they looked at the big clock and some time at the girl. The time was not passing. It seemed that it had stopped.............

..........After all, the class was over and all the students except Mastan went out from the class to drink water etc. Mastan quickly went near Rhea’s bag and slipped the card inside her bag and went outside the class room.
“Have you done it”, Ali asked Mastan in a curious manner.
“Yes, yes, yes, I have done it”, Mastan answered Ali................................

.................The tending love story, took a slight different turn, due to which the base of this newly formed relationship was mixed with love/lust, confusion and suspicion. Both sat a on a rickshaw and the rickshaw headed towards their hostels. Rhea was sitting with her head leaned on Mastan’s shoulders. Both were silent. Mastan was just thinking about the story which Rhea narrated to her. He was still very confused and in dilemma about the reality in her story. He was not able to predict what was going in Rhea’s mind at that moment. Was Rhea telling her the truth or was just playing a fool of him. But beside those confusions and suspicions, Mastan was happy as Rhea was tending to be his girl friend.

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